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Spot dyeing is a great alternative to new carpet.

Bleaching: Both accidental spills and areas cleaned with bleach causing color fade can be considered for spot dyeing.
Sun fading: Small and large areas of sun faded carpet can be repaired with spot dyeing techniques.

Q1: Will Spot dyeing completely fix my bright yellow/white bleach stains..
A1: Spot dyeing results are determined by the color of the carpet and the degree of damage. We will assess your carpets condition and make a recommendation upon seeing your carpet. 80% of carpets we see can be repaired with spot dyeing.

Q2: What are the usual results.
A2: Spot dyeing alone usually produces results that are between 75-100% of perfect, while a combination of spot dyeing and recoloring the carpet can be required to produce the best result. We will clearly explain to you what results you can expect for your problem upon inspection..

Q3: Are there any carpets that cant be spot dyed?
A3: Wool and Nylon carpets can be spot dyed, while Acrylic, polyesters and Polypropylene can not.

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spot dye after
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